Jim Bowes, natural media expert

Jim Bowes, natural media expert

Duurzaam ondernemen voor Media en Advertising

Profiel Jim is an advertising professional specializing in "natural media" a collection of techniques that use natural materials to produce communication messages the are highly targetable, offer great creative flexibility and have a high return on advertisement investment.

Jim founded GreenGraffiti in 2008 and worked with many international brands SMEs, NGOs and municipalities producing over 650 campaigns in 17 countries.

In 2015 Jim founded Natural Media Experts a consulting firm that makes it easier for advertisers to produce highly successful natural media campaigns that continue to add brand value long after the campaign is over.

He enjoys public speaking and creating awareness about the benefits of innovative and sustainable media techniques, how they can be used to engage the audience and how they are great content creation moments.

Jim has been invited to speak at TEDx Warwick and appeared as an expert juror on the reality challenge show Street Art Throw Down. Jim is recognised as an industry spokesman and leading authority on natural media.

He takes a pragmatic approach to sustainability and understands the limitations in business. He is a firm believer that every step forward is a step in the right direction. Recognizing that companies can not change over night but they can benefit from the small steps they take and by remaining humble.

Entrepreneur, Art Director, Graphic Design, Operations Director, Production Manager, Studio Manager. Great people skills. Highly creative, non conformist and unconventional.
Website http://www.naturalmediaexperts.com/
Rechtstreeks contact 06-11000964
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Provincie Noord-Holland
Werkervaring Founder Natural Media Experts
Co-Founder So! Sports
Founder GreenGraffiti
Director GreenAdsBlue
Founder Hemshaven
Director of Operations cayenne communication
Founder @Large
Designer Vertical Visions
Art Director Scala Business Solutions
Opdrachtgevers Nike, Timberland, Sony, LG, Samsung, Heineken, Becks Beer, Sonos, Campina, Keen Footwear, Fifa Street, America Today, City of Amsterdam, City of Rotterdam, City of Utrecht, City of Den Haag, City of Breda, City of Alkmaar, City of Leiden, MTV, ABN Amro, ING, Dokters van de Werld, WWF, GreenChoice, Renault, Range Rover, JBL, Red Cross. Giving Back

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